Friday, 13 July 2018

Customised Plunge Pools are our Thing!

The great thing about Australian Plunge Pools is the ability to customise each pool to suit their intended use. Start with a basic shell. Add some seating...add some more seating. 
Do you like bubbles ( who doesn't ! ) add spa jets and place them where you want.
Let's chat about heating - Solar, Electric or Gas. Sanitation?
Do you have allergies, space restrictions or simply looking for a quiet, low maintenance system....We're listening.
Now visualise your space, when you're sitting in your heated pool where are you looking? Let's place that seating right where you need it to be and maybe we can add some extra steps to get in and out with ease, handrails , grab rails or a ladder.

So much to think about? Not really, we do that for you.

Australian Plunge Pools are a dedicated Plunge Pool manufacturer , it's our sole business and we know it well. Trust us to listen and to build your Plunge Pool in time for this Summer season.
Best start chatting now though, we traditionally sell out in Spring.

Talk to you soon,