Tuesday, 13 December 2016

"Pools made Easy" - A Celebration of Success

I thought as we are approaching our final weeks in the office I would Post a few images from our recent installs to show how easy it is to suddenly own a ready to swim Luxury Concrete pool....
Our new year bookings are quickly moving into Autumn  so be quick with your inquiry and quote forms please.
Don't worry , if you miss this Summer I'll be sure to look after you with prompt pricing, Autumn specials and priority builds for early deposits. :)

 So at this point you may think it looks like an easy solution to your project. It usually is!.
Call me or talk to your builder / designer, I've got loads of info to share as well as constant support from our design team , our crane and transport team and Pool and Spa industry updates.

Looking forward to delivering to you in 2017. 
Thank you to all for your support, feedback and Orders, making this our biggest season yet...
PS - Keep those site photos coming, we love to see where our beautiful pools call home.