Thursday, 21 September 2017

Happy Friday Everyone

The weather is really warming up now and our pools are in Peak production.
There is still time for a Summer pool. 
Let's not panic about Pre Christmas if you are not site ready this side of 2018, we are happy to look to the New Year and enjoy January through to March as a great swimming season.

Call our office to discuss your plans and time frame and let's see if we can get you swimming soon.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

"Pools made Easy" - A Celebration of Success

I thought as we are approaching our final weeks in the office I would Post a few images from our recent installs to show how easy it is to suddenly own a ready to swim Luxury Concrete pool....
Our new year bookings are quickly moving into Autumn  so be quick with your inquiry and quote forms please.
Don't worry , if you miss this Summer I'll be sure to look after you with prompt pricing, Autumn specials and priority builds for early deposits. :)

 So at this point you may think it looks like an easy solution to your project. It usually is!.
Call me or talk to your builder / designer, I've got loads of info to share as well as constant support from our design team , our crane and transport team and Pool and Spa industry updates.

Looking forward to delivering to you in 2017. 
Thank you to all for your support, feedback and Orders, making this our biggest season yet...
PS - Keep those site photos coming, we love to see where our beautiful pools call home.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Dedicated Pool Manufacturer vs Tank conversions

Buyer Beware -
With the popularity of our Compact Plunge Pools on the rise we are noticing many a Tank and septic company lending their hand to pool building.
While it's always great to add another line of income to your business it is worth keeping in mind the Pool Industry Standards and the knowledge and accreditation that goes with being a part of a Regulated and Professional Industry.
Some companies are even going as far as duplicating our website, closely copying our name and informaton and marketing text. While this is all very flattering it is also misleading.

If you have a competitor quote then feel free to send it in to us and we will show you the differences and you will be glad you called us.

This article was written in support and respect of the hardworking design professionals and Pool manufacturers .
We continue to encourage Professional Design and supply our engineered plunge pools to our very talented, builders, architects, landscape architects and designers around the country. :)

Monday, 17 October 2016

New information regarding fencing from SPASA Victoria

 We have a lot of enquiry regarding pool safety and barrier regulations in all state and regional areas, following is a link just released by SPASA Victoria.

Click here to read the Backyard Pool Safety Information Kit for Victorian Real Estate Agents

This is a very imformative read for everyone, covering many aspects of Pool Barriers. Initially produced for real Estate Agents , Landlords and Tenants. It also has some great links for all , see below...

Thanks SPASA :)

Victorian Building Authority – About Swimming Pools, Spas and their Safety Barriers ( See article above for link )
SPASA Victoria – Safety Barriers ( see article above for link )

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Helpful Resources for our Owner Builders - Soil tests and Council Approval

Australian Plunge Pools is a manufacturer and supplier to Pool and Spa industry and building professionals.
While we do not install we do like to provide resources for our Owner Builders to access and be aware of in the course of preparing to receive our pool delivery.
Scroll through our links and tips below.....

1.Dial Before You Dig

See or visit your State SPASA site

Dial Before You Dig Dial Before You Dig is a free national referral service designed to prevent damage and disruption to the vast pipe and cable networks which provides Australia with essential services.
Dial Before You Dig creates a unique partnership with Australia’s underground asset owners. They act as a single point of contact for you to receive information about underground networks at your excavation site so you don’t have to contact the utility organisations individually. You tell them your dig location and they pass on this referral to the affected asset owners. They then send the information directly to you.
The Dial Before You Dig service is also designed to protect Australia’s excavators. Whether you are a back yard renovator, an individual tradesman or a commercial excavator the potential for injury, personal liability and even death exists every day. Obtaining accurate information about your work site

significantly minimises these risks.

2. Get a soil test

Personally I would not even think of placing a $30,000 + investment in any landscape without first ensuring it was supported on the correct base.
Our plunge pools have specific engineers drawings not just for the pool as a product but for each  pool and their placement on various soil types - and there are a few. ( Sand, Clay , reactive, problematic, and various classes of each may be present on the same site ) The report will cost around $400+ be about 10-20 pages in lenght and show detail over the whole site . When we receive your soil test we can then order your engineers drawings and compliance certificate for your state, all appropriate to your site address, ready to accompany your council application.
If your pool manufacturer or installer is not recomending a soil test for their product then chances are no matter what happens to your pool after you have taken delivery, they will not be in a position to take responsibility or even be able to assess future claims of fault or recomended repairs. What lies beneath the pool once it is in place will be an unknown factor.

3. Council Application and Permits

Not as difficult as it sounds... Drop in to your local council or private certifier. Explain what it is you want to achieve, perhaps have a sketch or plan of your proposed pool site and they will lead you in the right direction. See previous blog on council . Ask for an estimate of Fee's and approval time. Leading into Spring this could be anywhere from 2 - 12 weeks in some councils and may cause delays. I suggest this as one of your first calls.
Australian Plunge Pools has association with private certifiers in most capital cities around the country, if you would like information then please email me.


Tuesday, 2 August 2016

SPASA Show Melbourne Aug 13 -14, 2016

Hi All,

We are coming to Melbourne. ....
If you have plans to discuss then bring them along and let's get creative.
..Just curious then come along for a chat, it's a great opportuntiy to ask questions walk away with pricing, info and plenty of inspiration. (and maybe some tile samples)
click on the link for Show info
Email me if you are coming and I'll look out for you.

See you soon,

Why we are a Supplier to the industry and what that means to the Buyer.

We frequently get enquiries for pricing requests which include the plunge pool plus full install and landscaping when our service is Primarily to supply Concrete Purpose built Plunge pools (Not Tank Conversions! ) to the design professional, the professional trades person/ builder or the Competent owner Builder.

One of the reasons we remain factory based is because we like to concentrate on what we do best. -Build high quality engineered plunge pools, with a professional thoughtful finish and with the highest quality equipment and fittings.

We deliver our pools throughout the country and overseas on a weekly basis through our network of transport and crane Regular Carriers who know our product and our standards of Supply.

Our sales team co ordinate the design and can supply all of the neccessary fact sheets for all trades as well as compliance certificates and CAD drawings for council submission. We then build the pool to tiled completion and then co-ordinate to site. Yes a complete pool , delivered.!
Our Hydraulic designers can overcome tricky sites as well as flexing their skills in the art of water features and show Gardens.

Our factory employs only the best Tilers and tradesmen and provides opportunity for youth employment and career focus.
We are a proud member and registered Manufacturer of SPASA (The swimming Pool and Spa Industry Of Australia) and we supply to many SPASA pool builders and landscapers accross the country. We attend and support SPASA Members at State level Pool and Spa Shows and contribute and compete in National and International Garden Design shows.
So after all of this you can see why we concentate so much on building our product.

We believe in our Company and believe in the competence of our Builders and designers ordering our pools and making them shine in every project.

If you are an owner builder and find you are short on a trade or two then you are welcome to give us a call for some contact advice. Get a professional involved, as I have said previously...
While we do advise you use a tradie you know and trust, we have sent out hundreds of pools around the country and may have a name to help you out.
Future posts will feature our clever designers and focus on their inspiring Projects featuring our Pools.
Call us for chat... Happy Planning.