Friday, 13 July 2018

Customised Plunge Pools are our Thing!

The great thing about Australian Plunge Pools is the ability to customise each pool to suit their intended use. Start with a basic shell. Add some seating...add some more seating. 
Do you like bubbles ( who doesn't ! ) add spa jets and place them where you want.
Let's chat about heating - Solar, Electric or Gas. Sanitation?
Do you have allergies, space restrictions or simply looking for a quiet, low maintenance system....We're listening.
Now visualise your space, when you're sitting in your heated pool where are you looking? Let's place that seating right where you need it to be and maybe we can add some extra steps to get in and out with ease, handrails , grab rails or a ladder.

So much to think about? Not really, we do that for you.

Australian Plunge Pools are a dedicated Plunge Pool manufacturer , it's our sole business and we know it well. Trust us to listen and to build your Plunge Pool in time for this Summer season.
Best start chatting now though, we traditionally sell out in Spring.

Talk to you soon,

Friday, 6 July 2018

Party on the Roof

Enjoy endless views , fresh air and sparkling water at these stunning locations. Not limited to the traditional backyard, Australian Plunge Pools are just as at home high in the air as they are in solid ground.

 Building a pool on the Rooftop need not be a major event when you purchase an Australian Plunge pool. We have supplied our pools to major commercial projects around the country and the results are stunning. We work closely with building and design teams , attend planning meetings, provide CAD drawings and samples to achieve a custom and unique build every time.

 Logistics play a Major role in our success and we work with the best in the business.
 Popularity of the rooftop pool has spilled over into the residential market in high density and coastal areas. Send in your plans and let us provide the solution to your space restrictions.

Australian Plunge pools - Pools made easy.

Friday, 29 June 2018

Remembering Chanel 9" The Block 2017"

Ah sweet memories - With the Cooler weather settling in we look back to one of our locations last year and recall some of the highlights and some of the chilliest days spent in Melbourne so far.
Noted as one of our major projects and by far our most recognised project to date - "10 Tonne Tessi" was shot to stardom on the hit TV show “The Block” in 2017.

Serial renovators Ronnie & Georgia contacted us early in show filming after they had been keeping a close eye on our Plunge pools and knew it would be a perfect fit for landscape week. Thank you , we thought so too.!
Australian Plunge Pools were given very strict deadlines and had to fit in with all the other trades on site, ensuring our delivery dates met up with the build and filming schedule as well as transport and crane logistics.
You will see the images below taken during the building phase all the way up to the finished product. Special thanks to Ronnie & Georgia, The Block and channel 9, Trend Tiles