Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Salt Chlorination , Mineral and  Fresh Water  Sanitation options

I was discussing this with a customer today and wanted to post some info on the various sanitation units we send out with our pools....

Australian Plunge pools has a Salt Chlorination Pack as a standard option as well as Mineral Systems available on request , see below... we are also happy to source any system you prefer.

Saltwater pools-
A healthy option for your skin, Salt water swimming pools have several advantages over chlorine pools, including fewer chemicals, lower cost of upkeep, and minimal maintenance.

- Our compact pools generally require only half a bag of salt per month with normal usage.
-80% of all new in-ground pools built in Australia are equipped with salt chlorination. 
Benefits of using this alternative to standard chlorination include smaller environmental footprint, greater energy efficiency and lower maintenance. Salt is also lovely on the skin, if aggravated look into low salt or freshwater options below.
A saltwater chlorinator uses electrolysis to separate the chlorine. The water passes over an electrolytic cell then converts the salt into sodium hypochloride, which does the actual work of chlorination. This material then reforms back into salt.
Once installed, quality salt chlorinators automatically maintain chlorine levels and after installation, the pool requires less attention compared with standard chlorination and will keep the pool water balanced and healthy. 
Of course regular ( Fortnightly ) testing of your pool water with your local pool shop will help you stay on top of your pool maintenance and water balancing ( a subject for another day )...This is very important, your pool and product warranties could become void with improper pool care!!.

Fresh Water Pool Options- Following are two Systems we have used.

1.Enviroswim - We offer this as an alternative to salt. The following is straight from the website, visit for more info - www.enviroswim.com
It comes at an additional cost however the benefits may suit the needs of many. ...
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Reduces all associated costs including electricity, chemical and equipment replacement
  • Eliminates most of the regular consumables including salt, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and stabiliser
  • Freshwater prolongs life of all equipment and reduces staining and corrosion on pool surface, fixtures, glass fencing, landscaping and outdoor stainless steel kitchens
  • Residual sanitiser and algaecide lasts for weeks, ensuring you will never come home to a green pool
  • Works with all types of pumps and filters
  • Ensures air quality for indoor pools.
Health & environmental benefits:
  • Eliminates most chemicals known to cause serious health issues
  • Non irritating to skin and eyes
  • Beneficial for asthmatics, psoriasis and eczema sufferers
  • Pool and backwash water can be recycled without diluting for use in gardens, holding tanks, and grey water systems
Mineral chlor - A less Salty Alternative to Salt Chlorinators

Mineral pools are increasing in popularity as a 'spa-like' alternative to traditional salt water pools. 
Mineral pools use various blends of minerals like magnesium chloride instead of or as well as traditional salt. ( You can buy  mineral salt from your pool shop)
They are typically less salty than traditional pools, with Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) of 3,500 parts per million (ppm) instead of the 5,000 ppm typically required in conventional salt water pools. 
With MineralChlor™ mineral water pool owners may be able to lower their pool's salinity even further to just 2,500 ppm!
Please contact me- info@australianplungepools.com.au for brochures which have more detailed info.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


Hi ,
I'm Jeni Maxwell . Owner of Australian Plunge Pools.

I decided to start a blog because there is so much more information we have to share than our website and socials posts allow.
We have been in the business of Pool Manufacturing for over 7 years now and while we operate as a supplier to the industry we have also gained a wealth of knowledge in all areas of Pool care, Product comparisons, Hydraulic Design, Pool compliance and certification and a general knowledge which comes from years of inquiries.
I would like to share this info in the hope that as a consumer you are more informed and confident in your purchase. If you have a question then please email us and we will post here or direct you to suitable sites or individuals.

Subjects to follow...
Pool equipment - Sanitation, Filtration and Heating
Covers and Blankets
Landscape Architects , Designers and Contractors
Pool and plants
Water Balance and regular pool maintenance
Council Approvals
Lighting and Water Features
Water Saving
Spa's , Pools and Plunge Pools
Pool Shows, Garden Displays and Events
Spotlight on Landscape Designers and Architectural Projects

Friday, 4 March 2016

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