Thursday, 21 June 2018

Hydrotherapy for Health

When it comes to health, we know one thing is for sure: water works.

It comes as no surprise, then, that water has long been used as a form of therapy for the body and mind for years. A type of alternative medicine, hydrotherapy goes beyond relieving physical ailments—it also provides a gentle escape for the mind to unwind and recharge.

Australian Plunge Pools are compact and deep so the whole body can be immersed in heated water for relaxation and exercise. (There are a number of ways to heat your pool which will be highlighted in the next blog.) 

Our Plunge pools can double as a spa and Hydrotherapy pool very easily with extra seating, spa jets, swim jets and heating all in the one compact unit. Pool blankets and hard cover lockable lids help maintain temp and water balance all year round.

Every Australian Plunge Pool comes with a high grade Solar Blanket. Lockable Covers are also available , custom made to each size plunge pool the covers keep the PH balanced and lock in the perfect temp while keeping your pool clean and ready for the next dip.