Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Why we are a Supplier to the industry and what that means to the Buyer.

We frequently get enquiries for pricing requests which include the plunge pool plus full install and landscaping when our service is Primarily to supply Concrete Purpose built Plunge pools (Not Tank Conversions! ) to the design professional, the professional trades person/ builder or the Competent owner Builder.

One of the reasons we remain factory based is because we like to concentrate on what we do best. -Build high quality engineered plunge pools, with a professional thoughtful finish and with the highest quality equipment and fittings.

We deliver our pools throughout the country and overseas on a weekly basis through our network of transport and crane providers.ie. Regular Carriers who know our product and our standards of Supply.

Our sales team co ordinate the design and can supply all of the neccessary fact sheets for all trades as well as compliance certificates and CAD drawings for council submission. We then build the pool to tiled completion and then co-ordinate to site. Yes a complete pool , delivered.!
Our Hydraulic designers can overcome tricky sites as well as flexing their skills in the art of water features and show Gardens.

Our factory employs only the best Tilers and tradesmen and provides opportunity for youth employment and career focus.
We are a proud member and registered Manufacturer of SPASA (The swimming Pool and Spa Industry Of Australia) and we supply to many SPASA pool builders and landscapers accross the country. We attend and support SPASA Members at State level Pool and Spa Shows and contribute and compete in National and International Garden Design shows.
So after all of this you can see why we concentate so much on building our product.

We believe in our Company and believe in the competence of our Builders and designers ordering our pools and making them shine in every project.

If you are an owner builder and find you are short on a trade or two then you are welcome to give us a call for some contact advice. Get a professional involved, as I have said previously...
While we do advise you use a tradie you know and trust, we have sent out hundreds of pools around the country and may have a name to help you out.
Future posts will feature our clever designers and focus on their inspiring Projects featuring our Pools.
Call us for chat... Happy Planning.